ZAY All-Weather Bench

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov

Design: 2012

Main Idea
To create a funny and friendly object that could be easily identified from a distance. 
To assure that rubbish receptacles look pleasant and welcoming with no scattered trash around. 
To develop a bench that stays clean even in rain or snow.

Bench Design 
The bench has four seats that are connected in a cross-like fashion to a turning shaft so they can be changed by upward rotation.
When the seat is pulled up, the blocking mechanism unlocks and the bench can be rotated. 
While one of the seats is wet after rain or covered with snow, the other three seats are always protected by the cylinder body.

Rubbish Receptacles
- Intended for two different types of rubbish.
- Prevents rubbish from being scattered.
- Protect rubbish from animal and bird scavengers.
- Protect rubbish from precipitation without impeding the collection.
- Are easily seen from a distance and show visitors both a rest place and rubbish receptacles.
- Have a large surface for texts and pictures.
- Prevents rubbish from overflowing.

Rubbish Cans
- Are integrated into the bench and do not disturb the aesthetics. 
- Provide an easy access to the rubbish bags through a round door on the bench’s side.
- Excessive rubbish remains inside the containers and is easily removed.