Office and retail center "Seasons", Sharikopodshipnikovskaya St., Moscow

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc

Gross built area: 3500 sqm

Design: 2014
Completion: 2017 

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Business Center "Seasons"  took first place in "Office+" competition that is being held on PinWin architecture and design competition platform


Project description

The reconstructed building is located on the territory of Research and Production Association "Polymetall" and is a part of the industrial section located along Novoostapovskaya St. The building has a precast concrete frame and external walling as mounted concrete panels, stained glass and window glazing. After reconstruction the building became multifunctional including offices, retail, cafes, other different services.

We want to make not just a new facade but to create a small piece of a modern, friendly environment passing through which any person will get great aesthetic pleasure. This will increase the value of rental space as affect the image of the tenants and will stop passers-by causing them to go to the store or cafe.

To achieve this effect we believe it is necessary to change the paradigm of an office building and not treat it as one big wall pressing on the street but as a whole street of the small "town offices", each of which has its unique facade. Each unit has an elongated proportions up. All blocks are slightly different in height and depth facades. All this allows us to maximize the difference of new facade from the rest of the existing industrial building, because reconstructed building is just 1\3 part of it. Each front unit has its own unique texture, style and design solution.

Passing along this building person will experience all new sensations and feels as though in a small modern and well-kept town. So we do not just make a new facade but create a skyline forming its particular environment.

Each tenant will have the feeling that he is not part of one big anthill but sitting in his comfortable and lovely home.

This solution fits well with the proposed residential development as seems more "alive" and humane than typical office facades. This facade is associated with new residential neighborhoods in the Netherlands or in Tokyo where such characteristic scale and proportion combined with completely different textures facades.

Facade of individual town offices very positive impact on trade or cafe on the ground floor as it will create a pleasant environment with "stopping" effect. For shops and cafes are also very important effect of the exclusivity of their facades.