The concept of National emergency situations control center EMERCOM RF (Russian Emergency Control Ministry)

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc

Design: 2014 


The project is unique and innovative solution that knows no equals.

Suggested system is designed to be ideal solution for large situational and dispatch centers, working with a great volume of information (including map information) in emergency situations.

Common dispatch hall is a great overall video screen and rows of desks with workplaces and monitors.

The main problem of these dispatch centers is that such video wall does not properly display large maps which can be used by all in the room. In addition, these maps will always be heavily distorted, because the form of the Earth is round. Also various workspaces are located differently towards the video wall, which distorts the image as well. Some dispatchers sit too close and some too far. As a result, they are working mostly with desktop monitors and video wall plays a small part.

We suggest to replace the video wall with a solid video-cupola, which is the perfect display system for large maps. Besides the cupola is equally removed from all members and is clearly visible to all. At the same time, common rectangular images can be displayed on some parts of the cupola, as on a general video wall.

Other problem of usual dispatch halls is fixed arrangement of workplaces which doesn't allow to be conformed under different scenarios of events. In this case, it is necessary to choose once and for all how many places are in the mode of a round table, and how many in the mode of individual work with video wall. Besides many people in one hall during intensive work creates a lot of noise.

In our project each workplace is an individual working module. It is equipped all necessary, including the panoramic monitor and communications tools. Each module has the soundproofing transparent cap which can be completely closed or open. Also it is equipped with ventilation and air condition systems. Each workplace can move about a hall according to any set scenario. In all points provided by scenario, the module automatically connects to power and low-current systems by a connector in floor.

Modules can communicate with each other on a video conferencing when the isolating cap is closed. Also they can communicate with other control centers. The chair of the module has maximum number of settings including horizontal position to have an opportunity to see the cupola entirely.

All this allows to create a large number of work scenarios of the dispatch center, proceeding from each concrete situation.

The working module itself can be used in any room and not only together with video cupola.