Dispatch center of state unitary enterprise “Moscollector”

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Elena Utkina

Design and building: 2013-2014


The room has a nonstandard configuration area of 99 sq.m. The external and central brick walls are bearing vertical constructions. The other drywall partitions divide the area into several rooms.

The existing walls of the drywall are being dismantled. The left brick walls are treatment and painted. The floor in the room is made of a cement screed on top of the reinforced concrete floor slabs. There is a reflected ceiling of the "Armstrong" system in the room at the time of commencement of work. The walls are covered with wall-paper for painting. The floor is covered with linoleum.

The existing reflected ceiling, floor, wall finishing and partitions of the drywall in the dispatcher’s room will be dismantled. Also new embrasures are made. A video wall of 12 video cubes Planar c50 HD-LED2 will be located in the main room, in front of which is expected to create the workplaces for four dispatchers and one senior dispatcher will be located.

The senior dispatcher’s room is separated from the main room with glass partitions. The not-too-high glass partition will be installed between the rows of controllers.

In addition, the new walls of the drywall are being built, that will create a new space for other dispatcher employees.

There is a seamless floor of dark gray polyurethane in all rooms. It is expected to raise the level of the floor to 200 mm in the space reserved for the dispatchers for better view the video wall.

The separate room for server will be equipped with soundproof perforated drywall.