The conception of a residential compound "Newton" entrance lobbies situated in Mytischi, on Kirpichnaya street, 11-13

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail KrymovEkaterina Schelokova 

Customer: Tekta group


Variant 1

The idea of an entrance lobby was taken from a logo of a residential compound. The entrance lobby is an arch in a form of a letter “O”. A part of the volume extends beyond the contour of the building and is lined with a translucent white plastic, the rest part of the entrance lobby

is made of glass. Because of a clear and transparent material combination the compound logo clearly stands out on a facade.

The internal layout is the same according to the source data.

For an entrance lobby evening light we decided to locate the LED backlight inside the logo construction. This variant allows to simultaneously illuminate either the interior space of the entrance lobby or the area around the entrance.

In the basis of a supporting structure we use a metal frame and for a facade - a complete glazing of different types of glass.

Variant 2

According to this variant, the sidewalk space and the space of an entrance lobby visually unite with the help a turning plane. The logo of the residential compound is situated on an inclined colored surface facing the street. It is made by means of perforation. The green color of a corporate identity was also chosen as a color decision. The internal layout is according to the source data.

An evening light variant involves the illumination of interior construction space. The light penetrating through the curly perforation creates an interesting visual effect.

Variant 3

The entrance lobby has a realistic design of an apple with a leaf. A complex curved shape is formed by a framework of triangular segments. Inside an apple there is a spiral stairs, with an inner radius of 2 m and 1.2 m wide. A part an apple "turns" in the place of the spiral stairs escape to an accessible roof area. Hatched vertical planes are made ​​of glass, which gives the required natural lighting for stairs. In the center of the volume there is a column in the form of an apple core, inside it there are a drain and a supporting structure for the leaf.

Structurally, the volume will be made with the help of a metal frame. The lining may be made of HPL different colored panels, in the visualization there is a variant with green colour.