Project of Сultural Centre "Zodchie" in Moscow

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Konstantin Kuhranov, Andrey Zubkov, Vitaly Verbitsky, Alexandra Belyavskaya, Alexey Polyakov, Ekatherina Schelokova, Irina Kochuk, Elena Utkina, Timofey Shapkin, Anton Pozhnikov

Projecting and building: 2014


Problems that have the potential to be resolved within the project concept program of Cultural Centre.

1. There is not enough free high-quality public spaces in the projecting area and in the city  as a result residents don’t have the opportunity to communicate with each other properly. The exceptions are just some new parks but these only serve a purpose when the weather is good.

2. There is no good system of communication and sharing life experiences between generations. Due to this the real communication transforms into a virtual one which causes the destruction of social ties and the absence of civic responsibility.

3. There is no platform for effective professional connections and sharing ideas as a result the opportunity to share and develop common ideas is lost.

4. There is no place for non-profit informal communities such as cinema and book lovers, photographers, skateboarders and so on.. As there is limited alternatives, the younger generations are more likely to be involved with the criminal and extremist groups.

5. There is no opportunity to share and discuss recent news therefore there is no high interest in the latest information due to distrust in news media.

6. There is no possibility to develop creative abilities outside of special educational institutions.

7. Lack of quality contemporary exhibition spaces in Moscow.


Project purposes:

1. The creation of modern platform for communication and sharing ideas and experiences.

2. The organization of local cultural communities. 

3. The foundation of multi-functional space for different kind of events, exhibitions, concerts of public significance .


Project concept

1. The creation of common positive image of  Cultural Centres.

2. The organization of the open involving space. The visual connection of different functions instead of isolated areas.

3. Friendly and available for free platform.

4. Digital equipment and modern cosy finishings to create an environment that encourages innovation and communication. 

5. The development of nearby open spaces for different kind of activities.

6. The creation of a special atmosphere where people want to spend their free time. 


Project solutions

1. Open and transparent space due to replacing some of the doors on the glass partitions.

2. Creation of a system of progressive person involvement  in the Cultural Centre within 4 steps:

           Step-1. Bright  entrance area with reception desk, a café and multiple monitors.

            Step-2. Open and available communication area on the second floor.

3. Library with free book access and the places for reading on the second floor .

4. The hall will be equipped with equipment to cater for various types of events, concerts, lectures and the like.