Architectural concept of "Nizhnie Mnevniki" metro station

Architects:  Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc, Ksenia Boksberg, Mikhail Ivliev, Andrey Zubkov, Artem Netsvetaev, Kristina Karacharskova, Diana Fish

Design: 2015

Our design of “Nizhnie Mnevniki” metro station is based on two outstanding characteristics of this district: river, which is forming floodplain here, with its fishery and unique natural ecosystem with endangered species. The name “Mnevniki’ arose from the word “men’ ” which means “burbot fish” that fishermen-mnevniki caught in these areas since XVII century. Mnevnikovskaya floodplain has the unigue natural ecosystem. There are several rare species of wild flora and fauna on the national park territory of 358 hectares. There are plants, birds and animals listed in the Red Book of Moscow. Therefore our architectural concept of the station was inspired by district’s natural features.


Metro with its continuous and rapid rhythm associates with the river and its flow. Historically the river was major transportation artery, place where all activity was concentrated. In the XXI century the role of water is performed by people, subway passengers, who are hurrying up in a one stream. And trains are quickly rushing to and fro like fish or ships.

Three-dimensional structure located on the ceiling represents the surface of the water and fills entire space of the station. It is made from bent metal slats, creating the effect of continuous movement. Also, this solution allows to hide a giant smoke extraction duct along the station. Bearing columns are also hidden in smooth undulating wall, which is like an undercurrent and which also avoids dark corners and concentrations of litter. With such a smooth geometry of the walls, it is easy to place there navigation system and running benches.


Compared to the "raging stream" on the platform, the entrance hall is a quiet area where you can sit and get away from the traffic flow. The platform symbolizes the river, in return the entrance hall associates with national park. One of walls there is media, which creates nature and forest atmosphere in the middle of Moscow metro fuss. The mediawall demonstrates rare species of animals that live in the park above. It’s even possible to “communicate” with them through a special application on your smartphone. You can “feed” animals by donating to maintain the ecosystem of the park. The remaining walls of the entrance hall are also symbolizing forest and nature and create a comfortable atmosphere, moreover luminous ceiling reminds the sunlight streaming through the trees.


Usually underground crosswalks are associated with poorly lit, monotonous passages. To create more comfortable atmosphere, there are a luminous ceiling, walls in warm colors with relief of natural texture, navigation light panels and information about the history of Mnevnikovskaya floodplain. It is nice to be in such bright and "educational" space which completely breaks the stereotype of boring passages of the Moscow metro.


Pavilions are an extension of the park, they fit perfectly into the landscape. In summer you can relax on the lawn, and in winter use slopes for winter sports. We have created a minimal urban green space, which attracts residents and at the same time is a part of the national park and an important part of the transport infrastructure.