Innovation centre of Russian Olympic committee

The Innovation Center of Russian Olympic Committee in Moscow, Luzhnetskaya embankment, 8-1


We suggest creating a light contemporary interior that reflects an innovativeness, technological effectiveness and progressiveness of functional processes in the medical center of the Olympic Committee with a modern equipment. Space in the center combines sports and medical functions. It is supposed to use large amounts of glass and translucent materials. The dominant color is white with the addition of brightly colored spots. A distinctive feature of the furniture at the medical center is the lack of sharp corners. It is also assumed the development of individual corian furniture products. As the center is located in the center of the array of the building and doesn’t have natural lighting, an artificial lighting will play the principal role in the design.


The Innovation Center of the Olympic Committee consists of the main functional areas:


  • Entrance area ( waiting and rest areas)
  • working area
  • test zone
  • hypoxic chamber
  • laboratories


Room height allows to divide it with a mezzanine area in the entrance side. Beneath it there is a comfortable work area with a library. Partitions of laboratories and a storage space are not brought to the ceiling but this ceiling with recessed lights visually integrates all functional areas and expands the space.


The central element of the composition is a hypoxic chamber . It is oval, raised on a podium and fixed at 4 colonies. We tried to create the effect of a light, hovering object with a help of a transparent polycarbonate and lighting, a roof dome chamber has a pneumatic design. A floor coating chamber is made of rubber.


Offices in the laboratory area are made of glass on a metal frame, what allows visitors to observe medical and technological processes. We assume the use of electrochromic glass that changes transparency.