Museum of Science Fiction Pavillion Project, Washington DC, USA

Architects: Mikhail Krymov, Aleksei Goriainov, Diana Fish

Design: 2014


Museum of Science Fiction Pavillion Project, Washington DC, USA

 Pavilion of science fiction is a place where variety of options for the future are combined and superimposed. This pavilion is a point in our world, which serves as the axis of the capacity fan.

This mysterious and romantic uncertainty is the basis of the image of the pavilion. Fog fills the space between the layers of the facade. Fog is a swirling screen for media content or live surface of the star. The same fog fills the interior of the main hall. Exhibits, images, film clips are appear to the visitor from it. Illuminated navigation on the floor remains unchanged and serves as a guide to the shifting and changeable pavilion space.

Construction of the hall is a transparent inflatable structure with a double shell. The pavilion varies depending on the density of the circulating vapor inside the casing, the amount of steam, the released outwards color video projections. The image of the pavilion of science fiction reminds a planetary nebula, a cloud of gas, a lighted total radiation of stars, as well as a portal to another dimension. 

Exhibit Galleries of Pavilion designed as seven exhibits and presented at the second level. They are housed in mobile exposure fields, each of which is mounted on three cables, the height and position of which is controlled independently from each other. In the semi there is the hidden steam system. Power and direction of the steam creates several exposure scenarios: a continuous cloud of steam that fills the entire exposure and exposure-corridors, visually supported by a pattern of media floor.

Exhibition space can be easily transformed into a mobile conference room with 166 seats with a screen and video-projection on the dome. In this scenario, the scope of the exposition are on the perimeter of the second floor of the pavilion.

Banquet area, kitchen, cloakroom, toilets, kiosk for souvenirs, office for the administrative staff and the server room are located on the first floor. The first and second floor are connected by the ramp.